About Us

The centre of excellence (CoE) in Geosciences and petroleum Engineering was established in 2012 with the aim being to develop skilled young professionals at the postgraduate level that will be ready for opportunities in the oil and gas industry work place at the end of their training.
The centre is a collaborative and effort of the university of Benin and the NNPC, Shell, Total and AGIP JV at inception. However it has since its inception experienced and is benefitting from a wider and increasing stakeholder base from the oil and gas industry, agencies, professional bodies and organizations which help to strengthen and assure growth of the centre into the future.
The Centre is domiciled the university of Benin as a strategy to:
1. Promote academia-industry linkage in a sustainable way, through industry presence in the in the university
2. Encourage and drive R&D activities through active collaboration of academia, industry professionals and experts
3. Train industry- ready man-power from Nigeria tertiary institutions; amongst others.

C.O.E.G.A.P.E. Management Framework
The centre is administered by a trust Deed endorsed by the industry and the university. The Deed and Governance framework are implemented by the board of trustees (BoT). The BoT is the highest administering body and comprises the top management of the university and the industry leaders. Academic programs of the centre are managed by the academic Board (AB) and the centre staff. The AB is made up of the lecturers and academic facilitators and is empowered to coordinate and guide the academic activities of the centre. The centre staff, headed by a.Director, is responsible for day to day running of the centre.