The Center of Excellence in Geo-sciences and Petroleum Engineering was established in late 2012 after exhaustive planning and approvals from both the University of Benin (Senate and Management) and Shell Petroleum Development Company acting as a representative of the JV partners.  One of the major objective is to train skilled professional young graduates at the postgraduate level that will be ready for opportunities in the oil and gas industry work place.  To achieve these objectives, the collaboration between academia and industry as well as all disciplines in Science, Engineering and Technology will be encouraged in all areas of endeavor in the Center.  The establishment of the Center therefore sets:-

  1. To promote academia-industry linkage in a sustainable way, through industry presence in the university;
  2. To encourage and promote active research and development activities through active collaboration of academia and industry professionals and experts;
  3. To create opportunities for developing industry-ready man-power from Nigerian tertiary institutions; and
  4. To encourage international linkage and collaboration through Research and Development.

The Curriculum of the programs was developed by a team of academics, Oil and Gas specialists and Subject Matter Experts (SME). This ensured that the curriculum meets the highest standards of the university and in line with the latest concepts and developments in the industry. Bench-marking with international institutions also ensures quality. Professional bodies (SPE, NAPE and SEG) were engaged and have all endorsed the program.