The Centre offers Masters Degree in:-

  • Integrated Petroleum Exploration and Evaluation Studies (Geology Option)
  • Integrated Petroleum Exploration and Evaluation Studies (Geophysics Option)
  • Integrated Petroleum Engineering and Production Studies

These programmes are aimed at developing skilled professionals in all key areas in the Oil and Gas sector (Exploration, Appraisal, Development and Production) including Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering.  On graduation, the students would have acquired the requisite skills to make them function effectively in the industry as young professionals with minimal industrial new-hire training.  The training programmes offered at the Centre ensure that the graduates are well equipped with the in-depth knowledge of the up-to-date concepts and skills, current technologies and methods.  They would have the ability to adapt to new demands in a dynamic technology driven world of the oil and gas industry.  Team working and leadership abilities are part of the emphasis, which makes the graduates functional and productive in the multi-dimensional work place environment.  Significant emphasis are placed on multidisciplinary approach necessary for solving integrated subsurface problems in Geosciences and Petroleum Engineering.


At the initiation of academic processes, out of the 18 candidates admitted, only 17 students registered for the programme.  The remaining person rather took up a job opportunity.  These registered students have already completed their academic programme and the mandatory 6 months industrial training.  Already, their Masters degree had been approved by the Senate of the University of Benin (December, 2014) after their final results were presented to the body.  Thus, these form the first batch of the products of the Centre. In December 2015, the University of Benin Senate approved the result of the second batch of the students of the Centre after they completed their mandatory six months industrial training at various Oil and Gas companies and successful defence of their thesis before an examining boarding including an external examiner.  Similarly, the third batch of students of the Centre completed their programme in last quarter of 2016. Currently, the fourth set are engaged in their 6-months industrial attachment with Shell (8) and Schlumberger (3). Another batch of sixteen students admitted in the last admission screening have registered and already pursuing their programme as scheduled. On the whole, the Centre has been up and doing with the programme by graduating all admitted students since inception. Incidentally, Shell, Schlumberger, Chevron and SEPLAT and IDSL have always been placing the students on their industrial training.  The students have been adjudged as high performers at the end of their training.