Prof. Joseph O. Ebeniro

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Photo of Prof. Joseph O. Ebeniro, Director Center of Excellence
Director Center of Excellence
A geophysicist with more than thirty years’ experience in both academic environment and Oil and Gas Industry. Major strengths are in seismology including geophysical data processing, analysis and interpretation with emphasis on large offset seismic data, velocity, amplitude and reservoir characterization, multiple suppression and surface waves studies from areas of diverse and complex geology around the world. Professor Ebeniro served, for two years, as a research fellow in Geophysics at ARCO Oil and Gas Company, Plano, Texas, where he collaborated with colleagues on seismic amplitude and multiple suppression studies using data from Gulf of Mexico, Alaska, Congo, Algeria and North Sea. Professor Ebeniro is a specialist consultant with major oil and gas companies operating in the Gulf of Guinea and especially the Niger Delta. Other strengths are in environmental pollution and assessment in Nigeria and West Africa. A highly dependable, thorough, time conscious and well-organized Geophysicist with excellent supervisory skill who communicates effectively in both spoken and written form. A highly effective administrator. Has published over hundred diverse papers in professional books and journal articles in Physics, Geophysics and Environmental Pollution research. He is a member of at least nine professional bodies some of which currently include the following:- an active member of Society of Exploration Geophysics (SEG), a life member and a Fellow of Nigerian Institute of Physics and a member of NAPE and NMGS. Prof Ebeniro is the second Director of the Centre of Excellence charged to manage and oversee the day-to-day activities of the facility to ensure the achievement of the goals of academic-industry collaboration and support. He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Centre and reports directly to the Board of Trustees.